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kennas tax planning

It’s almost the end of a very unique financial year – 3 actions for maximum tax effect

8 June 2021 | Kennas Client Resources

Tax time is rapidly approaching, but it’s not too late to take… 

Investing in Rental Property Booklet

6 May 2021 | Kennas Client Resources

Are you thinking of investing in the property market?

First Time In Business Booklet

14 April 2021 | Kennas Client Resources

Are you thinking of becoming a business owner for the first time?… 

USER GUIDE – Virtual Cabinet Secure Client Portal

14 April 2021 |

Step by step guide to using the Virtual Cabinet Secure Client Portal…. 

Flyers, Fact Sheets & E-Books

20 August 2020 | Kennas Client Resources

Find all of our information flyers and fact sheets right here. (more…)

Webinar Recordings

28 May 2021 | Kennas Client Resources

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