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Kennas EOFY tax services

Make the most of tax rules in 2022 – here’s 10 ways to get started

18 May 2022 | Agribusiness
Kennas Client Resources

At the end of the last financial year, most businesses and people… 

How do changing tax rules affect you? Here’s what you need to know.

12 April 2022 | Agribusiness
Kennas Client Resources

As any Kennas client will tell you, we’re all about keeping you… 

Kennas recruitment and retention strategies

How to hire for success

23 March 2022 | Kennas Client Resources

Australia, and Central Queensland particularly, is not in the grip of ‘the… 

Control what you can control. Financial planning puts you in the driver’s seat.

10 February 2022 | Kennas Client Resources

During times where ambiguity and hesitancy are everyday encounters, we’re here to… 

financial wisdom in 2022

Tackling 2022 – financial wisdom in tough times

12 January 2022 | Kennas Client Resources

Welcome to a fresh new year of opportunity and possibility. Whether you’re… 

Kennas gifts for you

Gifts for your accountant? Gifts for you! (the gift guide you never knew you needed)

9 December 2021 | Kennas Client Resources

Thinking about what you could possibly gift your accountant with this Christmas?…